High Precision CNC Fabric Dosing System ES-ICL1300B / ES-ICL1300MT with "Digital Matrix"



Thanks to the extremely precise, highly secure and reliable soaking process, the ICL1300 allows significant component weight savings (up to 15%. The system is also predestined for the       production of sandwich components. Usual matrix additions (security surcharge) can be completely disregarded. 

Since 2015, the 4th generation of our computer-controlled ES-Laminatic® Soaking System is   available. The new ICL1300 (Intelligent Composite Laminator) is an absolute NOVELTY in terms of   guaranteed accuracy in matrix dosing, mixing, and application.

The perfect soaking of any fiber materials with epoxy resin matrix  faster, easier, more precise and cheaper is barely possible. The CNC-controlled ICL1300 has 30 years of experience. 

The operation of the system with the touch-screen display is simple and self-explanatory. At the press of a button, the ICL1300 produces perfectly reproducible wet laminates at up to 3.2 m² / min at any time. 

The epoxy resin matrix is dosed shortly before the soaking of the fiber material "inline" and dynamically mixed. Even difficult to mix components with high viscosity differences are mixed absolutely homogeneously. 

The cleaning of the system at the end of work can be carried out in a few minutes with very little solvent.

The ICL1300B has a conveyor belt with 6 or 12 meters in length, a compact mobile table system ICL1300MT with winds  for work tables of 2-16 meters is available. The table system can be used for example in different departments on stationary forms.

Maintenance and service concept

Since our systems are extremely reliable and low-maintenance, no factory service is normally required.


We train the employees of our customers professionally. This allows them to fix most of the errors themselves. If you still need support we can help you thanks to the integrated remote maintenance via VPN.


Even the replacement of defective modules is so fast and cost-effective worldwide.